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First time ever in our lives that we visited Japan. Of course this was the first one on our list because it’s the Valhalla for tech. There are so many even smaller stores which contain more tech-stuff than ever seen in Oregan.

We skip our story right over to Japan because we just found out it how nice it is to have blog of our own. We used short stories on our Facebook but didn’t really worked out unfortunately. Hence.. our blog.

Back to Japan. We arrived at the airport and almost already got greeted by a robot. So many things are automatically. And the weird thing is, the people embrace this instead of thinking further that it will eventually take over their jobs. We heard stories that Japan is not gaining any new babies and therefore are developing robots to work in the elderly homes.

This week we are planning to do sightseeing first, hope to see some exhibitions. But first the Toyota Tokyo center. We read about it but didn’t think much of it yet. But it was great the Tokyo Odaiba museum. They had a robot show which was truly awesome.

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