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After every highlight is unfortunately a lowlight (pun)… but even when things are low it’s high again. Matthew had problems with his stomach again, which he already had back in the states. We went to the hospital to check up on it, better save then sorry right. And even in the hospital we saw a beauty of tech surrounded us.

We were very happy that we did our research first because we had the feeling that without any medical insurance we don’t even got helped. They are quite strict here. Back in the states we did research about good medical insurance which also would cover Japan. And we found it, rather fast I must say. We showed our information of our health insurance and were greated by a friendly older doctor who took Matthew aside.

I’m still waiting here, apparently everything is going well but the doctor advised us to stay the night, just in case and to wait on the results.

This entry was posted on March 17, 2016, in Tokyo.