Amazing! Sorry I know we are in Kyoto but thankfully our SD card was retrieved and we found our memories of Akiba, better known as Akihabara. And of course we wanted to share this with you all.

Akihabara is one amazing, lively city full of energy and neon lights. If you ever saw that anime movie Akira, than you would understand where they got the inspiration from. So much NEON here it almost hurts my eyes.

We went I believe to almost 50 anime shops, 50 tech shops and more than 50 Taito stations. These are those machines where you put in a coin to play a game. It was fun but it swallows your money like it’s nothing. The food here however is less than what we experienced in other places. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not bad but just not really out there.

When you ever visit Japan, please do visit this district as it is definitely worth your time.

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